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Face of Krobos
Face of Krobos

Face of Krobos is a social media platform or group. The vision of the group is to unify and enlighten the youths in Kroboland. They believe this co be done by providing strategic leadership in the advocacy of innovative models to achieve sustained solidarity and improved socio-economic development through social media platforms.

The core basis on which the 80k+ Facebook group was created is to see young Krobo people coming together to help each other by realizing their dreams and potentials and also help those who are in need on the land.

Face of Krobos Foundation is a private Facebook group, this means only members in the group can see who’s in the group and what they post. The group is visible.

According to records of Facebook, Face of Krobos Facebook group was created on 4th October 2012. The creator or the administrator of the group is Nene Konor who is a true son of Kroboland referred to as “Klonobi” in the Krobo dialect. Face of Krobos members are best described as Proud Krobos.

Purpose and Objectives Face of Krobos

The main aim of the group according to the creator or admin of Face of Krobos, is to unite all Krobos from far and near, especially the youth of the land for the development of the social, economic and moral life of the people.

The objectives are listed below;

  1. To foster good social relationships and responsible citizenship among members of the community
  2. To engage social groups, traditional leaders, and officials in participatory policy and strategy formulation in improving social and economic well-being.
  • Educate and train groups or individuals on proactive approaches within the framework of sustainable self-development.

Face of Krobos Facebook group has a WhatsApp group of prominent members of land including Nene Konnor, Rev. CB Nartey and many others. Face of Krobos group has over 80000 members with over 40 posts on average in a day.

Face of Krobos Group Activities

    • Mondays –              Business Talk/Debate
    • Tuesday s –              Health Talk/Debate
    • Wednesday s –              Krobo Recipe/songs or Debate
    • Thursdays –              Prayer for Kroboland
    • Fridays –              Marriage/Relationship Talk
    • Saturday s –              Advertisement and Hot seat show
    • Sunday s –              checkup/ Truth or Dare game

The group accept the promotion of Krobo traditions, morals and news. There are specific days for special activities in the group, Mondays are set for a business advertisement in the group. Nene Konnor the admin and Mamle diamond moderates posts on platform.

They ran the group like an organization which has a president, secretary, treasurer, and organizers. The executives have been able to organize a face to face meeting up last year at the Agormanya Roman Catholic Parish Hall.

Any person can become a member of the group provided he or she fulfils the following obligations;

  • Is a Krobo, non-discriminatory on a political, or religious basis
  • Is of a good character and reputation in the society
  • Is willing to fulfil his or her obligation to the group

The group also has a few rules every member must abide by.

They make the rules of the group flexible for every member. Some of the rules of face of Krobos Facebook group are;

  1. No hate speech or bullying thus discouraging insult and its other forms ….
  2. No promotions of phishing links and spam
  3. Respect for everyone’s privacy and ideology

On behalf of the entire membership of face of Krobos members, the executive and a few members will embark the event Royal Home Visit” this April ending.

All members of Face of Krobos are encouraged to be alert for more updates. The team at will support the event.


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