Hacking and it’s benefits


What is Hacking ?

Hacking is the process of gaining unauthorized access into a computer system, or group of computer systems.
This is done through cracking of passwords and codes which gives access to the systems. Cracking is the term which specifies the method by which the password or code is obtained. The person who undertakes hacking is known as the hacker.

The hacking can be done on single systems, a group of systems, an entire LAN network, a website or a social media site or an email account. The access to a password is obtained by the hacker through password cracking algorithms programs.

Most individuals, as well as business associations, use computers and laptops for all their daily needs. Especially for organizations (of any form), it is essential to have a computer network, domain or website, Wide Area Network (WAN) for a seamless flow of information and business applications. Consequently, these networks are under a high-risk exposure to the outside world of hacking and hackers.

The objectives of hacking

More often than not, the intent of hacking is mostly mala fide i.e. criminal or malicious intent, either to commit some fraud or to cause some financial or reputational harm to the person, group or entity so hacked.

This is done through stealing of confidential data or embezzlement of funds or other monetary resources, causing business disruptions, spreading of incorrect and malicious rumours, other misleading information which is socially detrimental.

Many a time, hacking is also defined as a form of cyber or internet crime which is punishable by law.

However, there is another side to hacking which is done on a professional level by accredited institutions and government law agencies. This is to counter the wrong intentions of the hackers or to prevent any harm being caused to individuals, bodies or associations.

It is also undertaken for the safety and protection of the citizens and society at large.

Types of Hackers you must know
How to guard against hackers

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