How to guard against hackers


How to guard against hacking
Hacking is a persistent threat affecting the very security of a nation and its citizens. At the individual level, it can cause untold financial losses by sometimes wiping away the entire hard-earned financial savings of the person.

At the organizational level, it has led to the theft of date leading to major financial losses and long term repercussions. It is imperative to put safeguards at the right time and at all levels to blockade this vicious menace.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Is a protocol by which corporate networks connect to offsite and remote locations through a point to point tunnel like connectivity.

VPN resources such as ExpressVPN, securely cover the transmitting and receiving IP addresses thereby preventing any hacker from making any unauthorized encroachment.

Furthermore, any data transmission over this tunnel is subject to a very high level of encryption thereby preventing leakage of any sorts. Normally security firewalls are placed at multiple levels of the network and security policies are defined at the highest level leading to a near to 100 % security coverage.

The VPN can also be provided by an Internet Security provider (ISP) through a private tunnel on the public cloud. This is used for multipoint and multi-locational connectivity by corporate organizations.

What is Hacking?
Types of Hacking you must know

Types of hackers you must know

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