Hygienic Dreadlocks: How to Clean and Maintain Dreadlocks

Modern Dreadlocks
Are Dreadlocks Appropriate for Professionals?

Are dreadlocks hygienic? How to keep your hair clean when you have dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are just hair that is locked/matted together and they are as hygienic as the person who wears them.

A person with dreadlocks

A person with dreadlocks

You can wash them as much as you want.

There are some salons and lotions that will help you wash them and give you a scalp treatment if you feel you aren’t able to get them as clean on your own.

Wash and rinse dreaded braids as needed, at least twice every 1–2 weeks. It takes an hour or less to wash and re-twist the dreads depending on their size.

Twice a month, one can condition his or her dreads which takes two hours including washing and re-twisting.

Twist them daily, as needed, using honey. You can also moisturise dreads with coconut oil and perfume them with jasmine essential oil.

Some products used to clean and maintain dreadlocks 

These are some products people use to keep, clean and maintain their dreadlocks


Use shampoo and dilute it with 50% water. A large bottle can last for at least years- literally, years.


Apply coconut oil to your dreads, at least twice a day – every morning and evening. Use olive oil for hot oil treatments and mayonnaise as a deep conditioner.

You can also use Jasmine essential oil because of its signature scent.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Usually, rinse your dreads with ACV after shampooing. Sometimes, let it sit on the hair for 10 minutes before rinsing with cool water. Put also ACV in the deep conditioner.


Use honey to maintain dreads, and make a deep conditioner, or hair mask, with the honey, mayonnaise, ACV, and yoghurt.


Eat yoghurt daily for the probiotics which promote hair growth. Use yoghurt in deep conditioner to nourish the hair.

Using these cheap products will make your hair clean and hygienic if applied consistently with much attention.

The amount of money spent monthly on hair care and maintenance should be negligible. They should absorb most of the products used for the hair in the food budget.

If you want to live well, live a hygienic life.

One can go to a hair salon to have my dreadlocks professionally cut. The stylist would do a good job; you can also maintain your dreadlocks with a pair of household scissors.

I meant dreadlocks to be liberating.

If your dreadlocks are high maintenance, then you are dreading your hair for the wrong reasons.

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