Language is not a Barrier in Music: Stop Giving justifications

music has no barrier
Music has no barrier

Language is not a Barrier in Music: stop giving justifications.

There are probably about 65000 languages in the world including Akan Twi, Ewe and Dangme which is spoken by Krobos.

Music is like a new language. This is because you can transmit what you perceive or what you desire. it’s difficult to communicate with other people when they don’t speak or understand your language, you may be afraid of making a grammatical mistake, or saying something that may be so favourite or so direct for the person that you’re discussing with.

With music this is easier, you can connect with people or persons from another country, and this will be as an opportunity to make new buddies that share your favourite music. Language shouldn’t be a barrier for us to communicate or to express the fire we feel.

The world in which we leave will not have meaning if not for languages. Despite speaking many different languages, people have managed to communicate effectively and efficiently and to transact businesses.

The basics of a language are understanding and expression.
Even though words are spoken or voiced out for understanding, the mood of expression also has great significance in communication.

Music speaks; it’s a carrier of both words and expression. The expression of voices, the number of musicians or artiste and the elements of music in a song brings meaning to the song.

Music breaks language boundaries. People do not only listen to the lyrics/words in a song. They pay attention to the instrumental and tone the music carry.
In an interview with BTS, he said plainly that language is not a barrier should not be treated as one. “We also listen to songs of various languages we don’t understand”
(“No Language Barrier In Music,” Say K-Pop Sensation BTS” ).

Language becomes a barrier when
1. You feel too satisfied with yourself and do not want to challenge your ideal self.
2. You lack quality content/lyrics
3. You have Bad voice or tone
4. You hate correction and reproach.

How to break out of the language barrier in Music.

Train to master all moods or tones of instrumentals or beats. Know your voice and what works best for it. By doing so, you have managed to take the path of composing quality music or song.

Engineers or producers have a significant role they play to break the so-called language barrier. For instance, if I am an artiste from Kroboland who had to compose songs in the Dangme language and I want it to dominate at Kumasi then my music be quality in terms of instrumentals, recording, mixing and mastering so that my music or song can speak or communicate effectively to the people of Kumasi.

Collaborating with other musicians, and featured songs will also give you fast reaching engagement and recognition.

Chose your lyrics carefully. It is one way you can speak to the heart, mind and soul of the people who download and listen to your song.
Stop giving excuses and work hard to break the so-called language barrier in music that does not exist.

Bonus Tip

You can make it, just do the following;

  • Wake up early (5:00 am each day)
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a balanced diet and more fruits
  • Meditate for about 30 minutes each day
  • Read books or articles (funwebgh contents)
  • Practice or rehearse songs
  • Repeat this each day

Give us your thought on these Bonus tips.

Reminder: Stop recording trash, we’re in the twenty-first century.



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