Manya Krobo Community Games Match Day 1 Analysis, Results and Observations


Manya Krobo Community Games commenced today Wednesday, the 20th day of October, 2021 at the Oklemekuku Memorial Park also known as Laasi Park of the people Odumase Community in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The community which is played prior to the Ngmayem festival celebration of the people on Odumase Krobo or the Krobos. The game or tournament is organized by Achievers Network which is spearhead by Kwame Zilla, the main organizer.

The purpose or objective is this year’s tournament is to:

  1. Showcase football talents in the municipality
  2. To bring unity amongst football players in Manya Krobo Municipality
  3. Engage community leaders thus; chiefs, assemblymen and other stakeholders from the various communities.

As mentioned earlier, the twenty communities in the Manya Krobo Municipality which are to participate reported earlier this morning. Five communities are grouped in a single group labelled Group A, Group B, Group C, and  Group D. You can view or download the Group fixtures featured in an earlier article by

The tournament will last for eleven days (11) that is, the grand finale will be played between qualified teams on Sunday, 31st October, 2021 according to Achievers Network.

MKCG First Day Observations

The team at got the park at about 3:00 pm. At that time, a match between Okwenya and Kojonya is ongoing which ended at goalless draw. Penalties were taken to split tie.

Four matches were played In all today. 

Nuaso vs Asesewa

The defending champions, Nuaso community football team played the opening match against the Asesewa community which they won by scoring a goal to nil against Asesewa.

MKCG Match Day 1 Results

Nuaso Vs Asesewa – FullTime (1-0)

Okwenya Vs Kojonya – Penalties (5-4)

Mampong Vs Agbom – Penalties (4-2)

Korletsom Vs Kpongunor – First Half (1 – 0). Second half to be played tomorrow.


  • All teams are ready and free to play
  • All community team players have jerseys and are uniformly stocked
  • The field is made ready for matches. (Oklemekuku Memorial Park/Laasi Park)


Pitch or field: The field although was made ready for matches, It is below average standard when rated for the MKCG.

There are still bumpy and pot holes on the field which we think should have been addressed since the tournament is organized once in a year.

Most players complained about the state of the field/park. The field does not enhance beautiful football game said Ahetto Harrison, a player from Nuaso. We think an alternative should be made for the subsequent matches.

Organizers; we do not see them at the organizers, table or match commissioners’ table, yet canopies were erected.

Referees officiating the matches are not professionals. Some were also not properly dressed. Officiating and taking decision on the field of play is poor.


Insecurity; we expect to see security officers to guard, protect and ensure peace at the park throughout period.

Controversial goal of the day

Watch and give us your feedback, is it a Goal or noGoal? and Why?


Below are some pictures and videos taken at the Oklemekuku Park.

Contest of National Science and Maths Quiz(NSMQ) 2021 Prelims

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