Ngamyem Festival Launch 2023

This year’s Ngmayem festival was launched at the Akuse Club House with many densities around the Country.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Hon. Mark Okraku-Mante who launched the festival described chiefs as the Custodian of Ghana’s rich culture and tradition. He also praised the chiefs and people of Manya Krobo for the Establishment of the Ngmayem Festival.

Ngmayem Festival

The Ngmayem Festival is an annual harvest festival celebrated by the chiefs and peoples of Manya Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The festival was established by Nene Azu Mate Kole in 1944, some 79 years ago as this year 2023 to replace the already existing festival called Yeliyem”, which literary means ‘eating of yam’.

It is usually celebrated in the month of October. The festival is celebrated for one week, mostly the last week in the month of October of every year.

The theme for Ngmayem Festival 2023

This year’s edition of the Annual Ngmayem festival will be on the theme “Development in Unity’’.

Program outline for the week’s celebration

Saturday 21st October, 2023;

There will be a Health walk from Kpong to OdumaseLaasi Park, Clean up Exercise And the kick start of the community Gala.

Sunday 22nd October, 2023

Kutu (Tradition Supplication) at the Konor’s Palace and ollowed by a church Service.

Monday 23rd October, 2023

Yokama (ideal woman’s day), Dipo and Klama Dance at the forecourt of the Konor’s Palace Fellows by a Mini Durbar of the Djebiam Division.

Tuesday 24th October, 2023

Educational forum for the Senior high Schools in the Traditional area.

  • Mini Durbar- Piengua Division at Osiekuse
  • Mini Durbar- Manya Aklomuase at Manya Kpongunor
Wednesday 25th October, 2023

Aklemer (pilgrimage to the Royal Mausoleum) with a Durbar at the forecourt of the palace (Tradition Dressing).

Canoe Racing in the evening.

Thursday 26th October, 2023

Klowem (pilgrimage to the Ancestral Home), Traditional Cooking Competition and funfair.

Mini Durbar of Akwenor Division

Mini Durbar of Suisi Division

Mini Durbar Dorm Division

Friday 27th October, 2023

Grand durbar at the Oklemekuku Laasi Park

Documentary on the Slaver Jubilee Celebration of Nene Konor at the forecourt of the Konor’s palace

Saturday 28th October, 2023

Farmyard Bazaar

Finals of Football Gala

Ngmayem Music Concert

Sunday 30th October, 2023

A Non- Non-Denominational Thanksgiving Service at Laasi Park.

Ngmayem Festival

Ngmayem Festival

Ngmayem Festival

Ngamyem Festival Launch 2023


Meaning of Ngmayem

The meaning of Ngmayem is ‘Eating the New Millet’. The festival is a commemoration of the plentiful Harvest of Millet, which is called ngma and it is a period in which the people of Manya Krobo give thanks to their creator for protection and the plentiful harvest.

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