Nayo To Release A New Song This Month

Nayo Forward Ever feat DJ Wobeti & Tulenkey

Nayo is to release a new song this September 2021. The artiste who is not a signee of any Record label has been known for his creativity, versatility and ability to give to your ears and speak to your heart through good music. He is now particularly focused on building a powerful competitive brand in the music industry.

Nayo is not signed to any record label  for the past years but he has proven to be one of the best of the uprising artistes in Ghana and the best artiste in Kroboland. You can quote Funwebgh anywhere!

To the best of our knowledge, the artiste has been groomed by a couple of music lovers and music production engineers in the music industry and some friends. Eddykay Ronnit, AlphaBz, Bbird among many others are some of the big men behind the artiste.

A few weeks earlier, Nayo disclose to Funwebgh that he will release a new single in which he featured DJ Wobeti and the popular f0_rK boy’s hitmaker Tulenkey titled Forward Ever. The song was recorded, mixed mastered by these geniuses, Bawla Beats and Alpha Beats.

The combination of these five music creators means this yet to release song has strong content that will let you dirty yourself, literally.

Nayo Forward Ever Release Date

To our best understanding of the message “Forward Ever” the artiste wants to send in the new song, is about taking authority of the journey he has decided to take this being a musician.

“I will release this song 17th September 2021 and it’s one of my best works so far”, he said during a chit-chat with Funwebgh. Trust me Nayo will not disappoint you.


The track or song will be available on all digital stores for streaming and download on the said date. We will do everything to make it available for download on this website as well hopefully.

While we wait patiently till the song is released, you can download some of songs by the best artiste in Kroboland by following the links below.

Nayo Songs

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Immaculate heart feat Crystal

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Noko he

True love feat Bbird

Kpoo feat Bbird

Nayo is humble and respectful, you can contact them via his social media handles




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