Press Release From Kloma Gbi and Kloma Hengme Directed To The President of The Republic of Ghana


For Immediate Release


Tuesday 23rd August, 2022, Odumase-Krobo: Kloma Gbi and Kloma Hengme, a coalition of two youth groups in the Krobo area, have followed with hawkish attention the militant invasion of Krobo, specifically the Nuaso community in the Lower Manya Krobo municipality by gun-wielding military men and the subsequent molestation of the people including women and expectant mothers which resulted in bloodshed on Monday 22nd August, 2022.

The invasion of the Nuaso community by the marauding soldiers, the cruel attack on all in sight, and the indiscriminate shooting of the people is clearly an attack on the Krobo state which cannot pass without a downright condemnation.

The whole prepaid meter installation exercise is failing for reasons that are obvious and it is a surprise to us that, to date, no proper national probe has been initiated to unravel the circumstances that triggered the situation at hand, assess the fallouts, and to fashion a more realistic road map and a humane approach to the rollout of the meters and, by extension, a resolution of the main issues.

We are by this statement, urging the people of Nuaso and the Krobo state to remain calm and calling on the President of the Republic, His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, to order a discontinuation of the prepaid meter installation exercise without further delay, an immediate withdrawal of the military because of the foreseeable ripples the exercise stands to generate, and the initiation of a formal national probe of the issue to avert the looming but preventable disaster.


For more information, please contact:
  • Isaac Tamatey Otu, Chairman, Kloma Hengme on 0244 036651
  • Hilary Saki Kodji, Deputy Clerk, Kloma Gbi: 0242714101

About Kloma Hengme

Kloma Hengme (KH) is an advocacy and heritage organisation made up of people with Krobo ancestry, predominantly the youth, from both Manya and Yilo Krobo.

The group has three major objectives: advocate for the development of the area, promote and preserve Krobo heritage, and implement pro-poor developmental interventions in deprived communities in the Krobo area.

The group is apolitical and non-partisan. The name, Kloma Hengme, can loosely be translated as “The Eagle eye of the Krobo State”.

About Kloma Gbi

Kloma Gbi is a youth-driven network established on the conviction of the need for a more effective and active voice for the Krobo state.

The association exists to rally progress-minded youth of Krobo ancestry, leverage their expertise, vitality and sense of patriotism to promote the welfare of the people and the Krobo state on issues of education, development and general welfare. With an initial presence on social networks since 2010, the network transformed into a formidable group of learned, like-minded and farsighted young men and women.

Kloma Gbi seeks to be precisely what its name offers – being the most effective, recognized, vocal and representative voice for the Krobo community, working in close partnership with the local & traditional authorities, voluntary, public, and private sector organisations and residents in the best interest of the Krobo state.

Press Release to the President of Ghana

Press Release to the President of Ghana

Kloma Gbi Press Release to The President of Ghana

Kloma Gbi Press Release to The President of Ghana

Source : Kloma Gbi

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