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The Dipo Hat
The Dipo Hat

Mysteries About Dipo Hat


The  (krobos)  call this dipo pɛɛ (the dipo hat). Few people know that there are prohibitions that come with its use.

The prohibitions include the following:

  • Wearing it is the preserve of dipo yi (dipo starts), and traditional priests (jemeli). In order words, only girls undergoing the dipo rite can wear it and even that it is only worn after you have sat on the sacred stone (passed the sacred stone test).
    So you usually see the nubile girls (starts) spotting it Sunday evening and in the early hours of Monday, just before they are officially discharged. The only other person who can wear it, usually during ceremonies, is a jemeno (traditional priest).

Dipo Hat Prohibitions

  • Looking into the hat is strictly prohibited. You dare not do that.
  • You do not have to turn it upwards. It must point to the ground at all times, (when not worn).
  • You don’t parade it in the open unwrapped.
  • It must always be wrapped, when not in use (not worn).
  • You hardly find it in the open market for purchase.

Flouting these rules has its own ramifications.

You will be tempted to ask what the reasons are for all these prohibitions. They shroud some things in secrecy to add to their value and sacredness. Or you say I should ‘galaway’, lol.

If you know any other prohibition, add on. We dey learn.

I je. bye

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Written by Henking Klonobi Nyumu-Teye Koopeemapee

Picture credit: Leyla Images and Universal Images Group.

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