The Outcome of Eagle Wing Coaching and Mentoring SHS Graduate Summit 2022


Eagle Wing Coaching and Mentoring

Eagle Wing Coaching & Mentoring is a Non Governmental organization founded by Engineer Philip Tetteh Padi to Mentor and Coach Youth in the Krobo enclave.

This year’s edition of the SHS Graduate summit came off on the 16th October, 2022 at the Agormanya Parish Hall. This second time Ing. Philip has organized such events to coach and mentor young adults. The first is New Year Clinic

Why SHS Graduate Summit

The aim of the program is for High school graduate and those in the tertiary in Kroboland to succeed. This summit was free to attend.

The program started at 4:00 PM. Even though it was raining about 110 people made it to the summit.

After a prayer said by one of the Rev. Father, Miss Benedicta Ossom Larko the Master of Ceremony (MC) called upon Mrs Jennifer Sackey to introduce the speakers for the day.

Miss Benedicta Ossom

Miss Benedicta Ossom

Mrs Jennifer Sackey

Mrs Jennifer Sackey

Profile of Engineer Philip Tetteh Padi

Ing. Philip Tetteh Padi

Ing. Philip Tetteh Padi

He Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana,

He also holds a Master of Science degree in Water Science and Engineering with specialization in Hydro Informatics and Knowledge Management from UNESCO-IHE, Institute for Water Education, Delft, in the Netherlands.

He is currently a Principal Water Resources and Generation Planning Engineer with the Volta River Authority with over 12 years working experience in reservoir management, flood forecasting and information systems for integrated water resources management.

He is the Commissioner of Kloma Gbi, a network of vibrant people with a mission of harnessing resources and expertise to help promote the development of the Klo state and the wellbeing of the citizenry.

Presentation by Ing. Philip Tetteh Padi at the SHS Graduate Summit

Eagle Wing Coaching and Mentoring SHS Graduate summit

Eagle Wing Coaching and Mentoring SHS Graduate summit

Ing. Philip Padi started his presentation by asking questions.

  • Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 to 20years?
  • What Is Choice?
  • Can you be employed?
  • Do you know yourself?

Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 to 20 years?

You must Begin with the end in mind by having Vision, Mission and Value. With these, you have a purpose and with a purpose you can Achieve In life.

Write your goals down

Writing down your goals will help you progress in life by stating them in the present and not in the future. Don’t use the ‘I will’ or ‘I shall’. It mentally push your achievement into the distant future.  It also promotes procrastination.

You must set a consistent and a time bond goals, Reasonable and challenging that can be measured. It should not be ambiguous or grey areas.

Be thorough-write all the details, prioritize them, organize them, revise and improve them.

The Choice you should take

You must know what you are passionate about. What gets me excited, what you spend my free time on, your gift and talent? You have to know where the GAPS are and also check for new trends and emerging fields. The above will help you know the choice you will take.

Can you be employed?

Before you can be employed, you must work on the following qualities.

  1. Agility, Flexible and Adaptability
  2. Effective Communication skill
  3. Emotional intelligence, Social intelligent, Adversity intelligence
  4. Empathetic Listening
  5. Creative and innovative thinking
  6. Build effective relationships
  7. Visionary Person

Know yourself

Using the SWOT analysis will help you know yourself and be successful.

The SWOT which is the strategic management, technique used to help a person identify his/her Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Be a Doer and not Feeler.

Ing. Philip Tetteh Padi quotes

Remember feeling will come and go but the consequences could last forever and when you focus on the long term consequences you will train yourself to become a doer.

Use your time well and be mindful of what we feed your minds, 24 hours is the same for all to be successful, depends on how you use it.

A good book can change your life not Facebook.

20 ways to succeed in life.

  1. Developing a personal relationship with God is very important
  2. Determine where you want to be- Your Destination
  3. Identify what you need to get there-The Resources
  4. Identify the way (route) to get there- The Direction
  5. Develop a skill in something you are passionate about
  6. Learn a second foreign language- French
  7. Learn a trade
  8. Be determined and stay focused
  9. Without a plan you will measure and compare yourself with other and not with your true self
  10. With every choice we make, there is a corresponding consequence that most of the time we don’t see immediately
  11. Avoid Excuses- Whiles you are finding excuses and justifying why you can’t make it, others in the same situation are finding solution
  12. Avoid Procrastination
  13. Don’t be afraid to fail- Try again and again, be persistent: Not making the same mistake twice.
  14. Identify mentors and coaches in your field of interest
  15. Identify and cut down timewasters
  16. Learn to begin small and grow/expand
  17. Set priorities and respect time- it can make you poor or richer
  18. Live  within your means and manage you taste
  19. Build and sustain networks/relationship
  20. Time, Energy and Money never come to you all together

Profile of Mrs Bernice Abu-Baidoo Lansah

Bernice Abu-Baidoo

Bernice Abu-Baidoo

The Second Speaker was Bernice Abu-Baidoo Lansah. She is a broadcast journalist at Joy FM and Joy News; subsidiaries of the Multimedia Group Limited.

She holds Bachelor of Arts in Communication studies from the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Mrs Bernice has almost a decade’s experience in the media field – progressing from an intern into a full-time staff.

She currently anchors the 6:00 am news on Joy FM and Co-hosts the AM show on the JOYNEWS Channel.

She’s a lover of God who believes everyone is important and has a purpose to fulfill.

Mrs Bernice is married with two kids.

She started her presentation by “all work and no play rule”. She called seven audience to come and play with words, she mentioned the first word and you have mention a word that starts with the ending letter of the first word. It went on until we found a winner.


She continue by answering questions from the audience. One of the questions she was asked is what problem will she use her life to solve, and she answered by say she always want to correct the wrong.

Bernice believed in God so much the she made some strong quotes about her believe and christians.

The program end by a prayer from one of the Parishioners. Item 13 was massively present. Socialization and pictures we took to end the submit.

Press Release From Kloma Gbi and Kloma Hengme Directed To The President of The Republic of Ghana

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