Hard work and luck are both important parts of one’s life in terms of success. Harder, you work, the luckier you get. It is only through hard work we can achieve great success. Luck is just like a driver or promoter or booster for hard work.

Luck could be good (Good Luck) or Bad (bad luck)

For better understanding, “let’s define it with a simple scenario. For instance, you have a school quiz next tomorrow and you have learned hard enough to pass with distinction in that quiz.”

“Let’s say you have an exam next week and you have really worked hard enough to score full marks in that exam. Just an hour before the quiz time, you fell sick and couldn’t make it to the quiz hall.”

With this scenario, we say that a person is unlucky or has a bit of bad luck. Luck and hard work go simultaneously and luck just acts as a facilitator with hard work on the left-hand side and success on the right-hand side.


According to Miriam Webster Dictionary “Luck is a potency that brings worthy opulence or misfortune or the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual”. We can also define luck as the combination of actions flowing like a river on a bigger scale than one can imagine.

Luck is the measure of good or bad when your hard work and chance meets. So if you are working hard, then of course you are in the right direction of getting close to success, whereas whenever the chance comes, you will be ready to grab it. So, yes! There is a line between luck and hard work.


We can exhibit the existence of luck only when people make honest efforts towards success.

Basically, there are two kinds of luck, bad luck and good luck. Bad luck comes down simply to the fact that some unfavourable events lie beyond control. Bad luck is not a potency that will drive “triumph,” “failure,” or “be crinkly”.

Setbacks such as bad luck are facts of life, but they do not entail that you are a helpless, sad sack. They simply show that life is challenging. To be sure, in some circumstances it is impossible to overcome bad luck.

There is, of course, the opposite of bad, is good. Good luck is the expectation many people tend to most of the time out-balance bad luck.


Luck has no measure of control or regulation, therefore, allow yourself to feel optimistic when luck is on your side or have good luck. And once it is bad, let yourself feel bad about it for some moments, through mourning, and then do what you must.


If we can really achieve anything through hard work, does luck make any sense?

Miriam Webster defines hard work as constantly, regularly, or habitually engaged and energetic work: industrious, diligent a hardworking young woman.

You seem to have bad luck in mind primarily and principal—and do not overlook good preparation, which is at least as significant as hard work:

When we get something without putting in much effort, through absolute luck, we don’t value it as much.

Repeating the same unplanned cycle of success without hard work because it tends to first work for you may cause failure in the next time.

Hard work teaches us the value of the return. And when we continue to believe in hard work and work it towards the fulfilment of success, it turns into good luck. Hard work will provide opportunities and gradually we get lucky. Bad luck exists too, but we can overcome it by compensating it with hard work.

How Does Hard Work And Luck Go Simultaneously With Each Other?

Can We Compare Luck with Hard work?

No, way in the flora and fauna, luck is just a diverse potency and it can never be linked to hard work. Being lucky works best when you are hardworking, and “the harder you work, the more luck you seem to have”.

Luck will find its way to you when you work for it. Sitting in the comfort of your home and just expecting superfluities rather than going out and working for yourself, luck and opportunity will never come your way but If you are determined enough to work harder for yourself, then no one can take that away from you.

Intelligence and talent can change if you work hard for them.

Luck is just a temporary force which cannot do some degree good for you or offer a set of defined instructions, it does not make you realise your true perspective rather it will make you reliant on luck which could be good or bad.

Does Success Requires Luck and easy Work?

We can only achieve success through hard work. People who won’t believe in hard work wait for luck. So what do you say, did you win because of hard work or luck?

Hard work is not but through commitment, sacrifices and time spent.

If there is THING called luck which could come to everyone easily, then no one would even work for their daily food.

They would have got it by luck, isn’t it? Everything would have become easy.

Never should one wait for luck we should instead work hard and if there’s luck, it will come to us. Work hard even if you expect luck.

There is nothing out there we can get for free. Have confidence in yourself, have faith in hard work, and success will come when we hard work to practice.

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