The Sad Truth About Smart People


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Being very smart is not always the best thing you can be.

The very sad truth is that few intelligent people, in fact, have the best lives ever. We may think they do, but for their own happiness, they are more required than the rest of us.

The very sad truth about smart people
smart people

It is a blessing and a curse, all at once.

  • Smart people cannot stop being smart

This goes to every single one of those people whose brains cannot be shut. These people think all the time, as well as analyze things all the time. They cannot calm it down. Smart people have to actually go out of their way to meditate in order to give their brains a rest. Otherwise, their brains just keep ongoing. It must be very exhausting.

  • Smart people can see/predict problems

More intelligent people often see problems where that don’t exist for the rest of the world. They also can predict certain problems and situations. Situations like these are very discouraging because smart people can see where things are about to fail. That’s why they often back up from certain plans, just because they do not want to embark on plans that have a possibility of failing.

  • Not all smart people have the outlet for it

This means that not everybody who is smart uses that intelligence. Not all intelligent people get the opportunity to actually leverage their mental power. This is a sad truth and unfortunately very common. You will often meet people who are really mentally powerful, reading and debating every time they have a chance to, but still are stuck as janitors. Very sad but very true.

  • Smart people fall through the cracks

Obviously, the World does not prefer smart people. Regardless of the reasons, smart people are frequently overlooked, forgotten and more than rarely get the credit that they deserve.

  • Smart people know more than the others

The fact that smart people know more things and have more experiences than others makes them more depressed and lonely. This is all due to them feeling unable t connect with other people and not having much in common with the rest.

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