Types of hackers you must know


Types of hackers

To detail on the objectives of hacking, it is necessary to know what types of hackers are there in the cyber segment so as to differentiate between the roles and objectives.


Also known as black hat, these types of hackers always have a mala fide intention and they access computer networks, websites in an unauthorized manner.

The intent is for personal gain through stealing of confidential organizational data, stealing of funds from online bank accounts, privacy right violations to benefit criminal organizations etc. In today’s scenario, most of the hackers belong to this category and carry on their activities in a shady manner.

Ethical Hacker

Also known as white hat, they are recognized and officially stamped hackers who access systems to asses to identify and eliminate suspected weakness.

Other responsibilities include vulnerability assessment, cracking of codes of illegal or anti-social setups, retrieval of crucial data required for security purposes. These are highly trained, certified and paid professionals.

Grey Hat

They lie between the above-mentioned type of hackers i.e. they take the recourse of unauthorized access to a system but not with any fraudulent intent. The objective is to reveal the vulnerabilities and weakness of the system’s stakeholders.


These hackers are those who are focussed on hacking websites and leaving contentious information on such websites. This is to spread political, social, religious messages. This can also take the form of targeting other nations.

What is hacking?

Hacking and it’s benefits

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