Why Samsung Mobile is considered the Best Smartphone

Samsung Smartphone
Samsung is considered the best smartphone

Samsung is considered the best smartphone Probably because it’s popular and there is a Samsung phone at every price point $100-$2000 (Gh¢600 – Gh¢12000).

The truth is that ONLY their flagships (Samsung Galaxy S# and Note#) should be considered the best Android smartphone, no matter if it is the newest or an older one. This is due to their top-of-the-hardware. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a periscope camera lens and the latest and fastest Qualcomm chip (Snapdragon 888).

Samsung is putting in lots of effort into their flagships, providing superior hardware to the competition and the software (OS) is greatly optimized. Those Samsung flagships are fast, fluid, and responsive paired with one of the best screens and cameras.

When it comes to Samsung’s budget and entry-level phones (like Galaxy A#, J#, On#, etc.), there are clearly better phones than Samsungs because Samsung cares less about optimizing the software for those phones. As a result, those phones tend to be slower and some may lag even when browsing the web even if the hardware in those cheap Samsungs seem to be better than the competition. But, people still keep on buying these slow entry-level/midrange Samsungs because of carrier deals, as well as the brand name.

If you are looking around for cheap to midrange Android phones, I’d look elsewhere. Good Androids from $100-$450: Google Pixel 1 (if you can find it for $100 or less), Samsung Galaxy S8 (it’s an older Samsung flagship; it’s not a cheap Samsung at launch), OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7 Pro or 7T, Google Pixel 4a (4G), OnePlus Nord (I think the Pixel 4a is better, but some think the Nord is better), Samsung Galaxy S9 or Note 9 (again, older Samsung flagship), Google Pixel 4a (5G), Google Pixel 5. Out of all of these, I recommend the Google Pixel 4a (4g or 5g, either is fine) the most.

Now, I might be oversimplifying things here. Among all flagships of Androids, Samsungs are one of the best — and has been consistently the one of the best.

Other brands you could consider in the flagship space ($700-$2000) include Google Pixel (they didn’t make one last year, but this year’s Google Pixel 6/6 Pro (not released yet) is rumoured to be a pretty competitive flagship) and OnePlus. Though I do have to say, you have to look up reviews because sometimes Google is better, sometimes OnePlus is better, and sometimes Samsung is better.

I’ll list some main appeals of FLAGSHIPS (not $100-$500, I mean more like $700-$2000) of each brand.

Samsung Smartphone
Samsung is considered the best smartphone

Samsung = outstanding hardware and is usually the best overall package, even if another phone does better than the Samsung in one area and has the best foldable phones even if I would say they aren’t ready for prime time yet.


Google = outstanding software and software support and is known for outstanding camera/picture quality, as well as having better speakers than the competition, and has no bloatware; Google owns the android platform (actually Andy Rubin invented Android, but Google bought Android afterwards);


OnePlus = killer value (not anymore, but at least they are a great value, just like Samsungs and Googles), had a large fan base for those who use OnePlus (just like Apple iPhones), large community support who unofficially provide extended software updates (called ROMS) on XDA forums, have a mute switch (like iPhones), runs an OS that’s inspired by the look of Google Pixels (unlike other Chinese phone brands who get their inspirations from iPhones), equipped with lots of storage and RAM, and great hardware just like Samsung.

To conclude I will say this is why Samsung mobile is considered the best smartphone.

Samsung Smartphone
Samsung is considered the best smartphone

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